My Story Themes:

These are portraits that conveys a story about your life, beliefs and personality. 

To add all the elements perceived; painting needs to be in a size that is easy for me to incorporate your story.

24 x 30 inches - $850. for just two people.

$650 for one person. 

To add pets, elaborate ambience and more people add $25. to $50. for each addition.

24"x30" Two People - $850.00

24" x 30" One Person - $650.00

To order contact me at:


Before you order portraits:

  1. Must have a clear and sharp photograph of people and pets that you wish to be portrayed.

  2. Send image via email.  Include your phone number or Skype name.

  3. Must be available to chat via Skype or Phone.

My process: 

50% down payment at the time we conclude our conversation via PayPal.

Click on the add to cart button for 50% down payment

I will submit a clean pencil sketch for your approval. At this time any changes to be done must be expressed in order for me to start the project. I will submit a new sketch with changes.

Must submit by email a short paragraph of sketch approval.

Changes after finished piece is done will be charged an extra fee.

I will submit a photo of  finished work in order for you to pay the remaining balance.

Work will be shipped as soon as payment is received.

Work time-frame is approximately 15 to 25 days and I will keep you posted on its progress.

Angel Portraits:

These are portraits of people who are no longer with us.

During our conversation, I will ask you several questions in order for me to feel their essence.

The portraits below were an amazing experience for me as I started seeing little details I was not informed of, such as what kind of flowers were placed on their casket. 

Sizes and prices:

16' X 20" - Head shot with wings and sky background - - $425.00

24" x 30" with elements such as flowers and props - $575.00

To order contact me at:


Joan and Jenna.jpg

Pet Portraits

11"x14" - $300.

16" x 20" - $425.

Additional pets, add $50 for each.

To order contact me at: